Hiphop, dance and rock mixed with sequenced drum tracks,  live (and sampled) guitars, provocative lyrics and attitude for days-SoBE LASH IS URBAN PUNK MUSIC.   The sound is instantly recognizable and the underlying I-don't-give-a-fuck mentality serves as a noticeable nod to powerful, female punk and rock icons like Patti Smith and Joan Jett as well as innovative pop music contemporaries like MIA, Rihanna and P!nk.  Her debut, The FreakShow EP (Shiboi Recordings 2012)  demonstrated her aptitude for seamlessly integrating the best from the realms of hiphop, electronic and pop music for a sound that is as unique as it is fun.  The follow-up recording, The Breakdown EP (Shiboi Recordings 2013) built on the sound, incorporating fuzzier guitars, bigger drums and more lurid tales of drunken debauchery and recklessness.  The new single, "Feelings & Flights" is a propulsive mix of hypnotic synths and distorted guitars that offers a brief glimpse into what to expect from the upcoming EP....
Feelings+Flights (Single)

Feelings+Flights (Single)

“I don’t catch feelings baby, I just catch flights…”

The FreakShow EP

“…first official release (EP)…a quirky collection of pop, hip hop and urban punk music!”

The FreakShow MIXTAPE

This is the full Freakshow Mixtape (only available on-line). Contains original music from both The Freakshow EP and the mix-tape sessions as well as exclusive vocal/track mash ups between SoBE LASH and artist as wide ranging as Radiohead and Project Pat.

Fun Ride (Single)

Fun Ride is the first official single from SoBE LASH’s third EP (as yet untitled). Featuring a catchy guitar loop, grungy electronic kicks and snares and SoBE’s familiar snark and innuendo-laden lyrical delivery, the track moves deftly between the disparate genres of R&B, GlitchHop and Dance-pop. The out-of-left-field 80’s/post punk guitar solo is the perfect WTF ending for a blissfully WTF song by an equally WTF artist…

I Don’t Really Care (Everyone’s Drunk) (Single)

All about those nights that you will never remember…no, really.

  • Feelings+Flights (Single)

    Feelings+Flights (Single)

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  • The Breakdown EP


    The Breakdown EP

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